Letter to Editors: No to Steenson for Senate

Dear Editor:

I served on the Timberlane Regional School Board with Nancy Steenson for the two years of her chairmanship.  She has neither the experience, convictions nor judgment to be District 23’s State Senator.

Mrs. Steenson is no fiscal conservative.
When she arrived on the board in 2010/2011 the district budget was $62,699,000.  When she was soundly defeated in her home town of Danville exactly 6 years later, the district budget was $69,925,000.  During her service, the budget went up 11.6% while enrollment dropped 17.6%  On a per pupil basis, this is an increase of 35% in just six years. Mrs. Steenson never saw a request by the superintendent she didn’t like, including hiring his wife for a consulting contract which she personally extended for 5 years without an authorizing vote of the board.
She is no advocate for free speech or transparency.
Under her leadership the school district was sued by a teacher for a First Amendment violation and had to pay a sizable settlement.  Under her leadership the district was sued for violation of our state”s Right to Know law and lost by a unanimous vote in the State Supreme Court. Under her leadership, she tried to impose unconstitutional “School Board Rules” over which the NH ACLU threaten to sue the district.  As a result, she had to back away from muzzling other elected members of the board from freely speaking to the press and expressing their own thoughts about district issues. Her own home town of Danville asked to come before the school board to plead for information they needed to update their impact fees, information they had previously obtained without issue.  Mrs. Steenson, as chairman, refused to allow them time on the agenda and required the chairman of Danville’s Board of Selectman to speak to a strict time limit during public comment. You can expect Mrs. Steenson to represent you exactly as she represented her own town of Danville on the school board – with disregard and a foot on the accelerator of public spending.
Recently at a candidates forum in Sandown, Mrs. Steenson was asked why she was running for State Senate instead of State Representative, especially given that there were two open seats in her district. Most people new to politics welcome the experience and established voting record that a time in the House offers.  She said State Reps don’t have much power and that she wanted a Senate seat because of its power.
With the number of other excellent candidates for District 23, please choose a real Republican and not someone who has undermined constitutional values, fiscal prudence and responsive government as her legacy of public service.
Donna Green
Sandown Representative on the Timberlane Regional School Board

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