Further to “No to Steenson”

A writer was approached by the devil.  The devil said,” I can make you the most famous writer the world has ever known.  Your books will be read for thousands of years and your name will be more renown than Shakespeare.”

“That’s an amazing proposition,” replied the writer.

“There’s just one catch,” said the devil.

“Naturally,” the writer responded.

“You would have to give me your soul,” said the devil.

“No surprise there,” said the writer.

“And your wife’s soul,” continued the devil.


“And your first born.”


The devil thrust out his hand. “Is it a deal?”

“Wait a minute…, said the writer.  “Where’s the catch?”

That’s an old joke (recalled from memory) poking fun at the vanity and ambition of writers, so imagine how gratified I was to receive a call by the Kingston Police Chief yesterday who thought that I might be stuffing mailboxes.  Someone, it seems, has copied my letter to the editor, “No to Steenson for Senate,” and has been gifting Kingston mailboxes with copies.  (For readers outside the US, it is a federal offense to put anything into a mailbox that is not US mail – even if the mailbox is your own private property.) The chief was perfectly professional and accepted my word.

It’s nice to have my work appreciated and think that it might do good.  It is not quite so nice to be implicated in an offense.  For the record, I knew nothing of this, a fact for which I’m grateful. Though flattered, I would urge others to please find ways to distribute my political writing lawfully – and carry on the campaign of “No to Steenson!”








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  1. That mailer was the best laugh I’ve had all week.

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