SAU Chairman Responds: No…

The email from SAU Board Chairman, Jason Cipriano, speaks volumes.  It was received at 10:36 this morning.

Members of the SAU 55 Board,

As you may have seen in the latest Union Leader, a gentleman by the name David Taylor is reported to have filed a petition regarding one of our previous meetings.  In an effort to provide you with as much information as I have, I can tell you that (consistent with my remarks to the Union Leader):
– I was not aware of the petition prior to being contacted by the reporter
– I have not seen the petition
– As of Friday, notification from the court has not been provided to SAU 55
I understand that a member of the board is upset that the SAU board has not been notified of this legal action against it – not being intimately familiar with the workings of the Rockingham County Superior Court, I cannot say how long it would normally take to receive notification, or even when the petition was filed.  In addition, I don’t believe we have any authority to force such notification to be expedited by the Superior Court.  Calling a special meeting to discuss a delay (if any) with the Superior Court’s notification process is therefore unnecessary.
Finally, as the SAU has not been provided with a copy of the petition, I don’t believe a special meeting is appropriate at this time.  I’m not sure what we would discuss, aside from speculating as to the claims and merits (if any) of a petition no member has seen.  Under SAU Policy BBBH G(5), individual boards may call for a special meeting when the Chairman does not, however, to my original point – I’m not sure what the purpose of such a meeting would be.
Should information be received by the SAU, it will be address in accordance with our existing policies and procedures.  As for exceptions, I cannot speculate about documents not yet received.
I look forward to seeing all of you at our next scheduled meeting on 10/5/2016 at 7:00 PM.

For those who may not know,  Mr. Cipriano’s wife was hired as a teacher by TRSB at Dr. Metzler’s recommendation.


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