David Taylor v. SAU 55 Court Petition

Here is the suit filed with the Rockingham Superior Court by David Taylor.  This link was posted on Right to Know NH’s blog.


RightToKnowNH.wordpress.com   (Under “Case Law.”)

The suit was filed by Mr. Taylor alone and does not involve RTK NH.  He is challenging the sealed minutes of the SAU meeting in which the superintendent was voted a raise and a bonus.  He is also challenging SAU55’s policy of charging 50 cents a page, requiring the purchase of an individually wrapped thumb drive, and their policy of not emailing Right to Know request responses.



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3 responses to “David Taylor v. SAU 55 Court Petition

  1. Ken in NH

    Asking for a thumb drive still in the package is good security practice IF the requester asked to have the information delivered in that medium. Of course, if it can be provided on a thumb drive it can also be provided via e-mail or posted online. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, if it’s available to the public upon request then it should have been posted online already. But I’m silly enough to believe that government is something we instituted to serve us, not our master and a cash cow for bureaucrats.

    • Ken,

      I completely agree with you. Not only are we having to pay for information that is rightly public, but it is a good way to thwart oversight when you require elected officials to go through the inconvenience and expense of Right to Know requests. Everything requested should be posted online just by being requested. That would be the hallmark of an operation that understood its role in being responsive to the public it serves.

  2. Mark Richards

    Bravo to Mr. Taylor. May there be a flood of similar souls pouring petitions upon the Court.

    In reviewing the petition I note the SAU55 stationery logo. This prompts a suggestion: a change in stationery, more suitable for your SAU55, should be officially proposed. The image of the school house and flag, suggesting fair play, maturity and duty to law and nation, is wholly inconsistent. Instead, I suggest the icon of a firm raised middle finger emblazon each correspondence. Please consider offering this up for discussion at your next sitting.

    Although the petition is a bit difficult to sort out, it’s clear that the culture of arrogance which infests your SAU55 was not quenched in the least by the NH Supreme Court ruling. The battle was won, but the war against the taxpaying public continues. By taking an F-U attitude to the spirit of the Court’s ruling, the arrogance has mixed with ignorance. Apparently your SAU55 wishes to pick a fight with the Supreme Court. Good luck with that. It will be entertaining, however brief.

    Time for some sanctions, court oversight, and a nice independent audit set up by the NH Attorney General.

    When the political and administrative house cleaning is complete, and I’m sure we all hope it’s soon, then the stationery can be revised to an image more in keeping with reality.

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