SAU55 May 12 Meeting Minutes

Quite the odyssey:

  • Sealed by the SAU board at Dan Guide’s initiative.
  • Donna Green’s motion to unseal at subsequent meeting failed (for want of a second)
  • Demanded via Right to Know by David Taylor – refused (for being sealed)
  • Lawsuit filed by David Taylor
  • Unsealed by the SAU board
  • Re-Sealed by the SAU board- sorta
  • Donna Green consults the RSA, finds that sealing minutes requires 2/3 majority, so sealing motion had actually failed
  • Demanded via Right to Know by Danville Selectman, Shawn O’Neil
  • Access granted by SAU office
  • Retrieved by Donna Green
  • Scanned by Arthur Green
  • Posted on Facebook by Mary-Jo Thomas Conlon
  • …  and  … finally for your reading pleasure:

SAU55 May 12 2016 Meeting Minutes

There is sooooo much more to be said, but not until the legal proceedings are over.



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2 responses to “SAU55 May 12 Meeting Minutes

  1. Mark Acciard

    Once again, I am appalled at the lengths to which the SAU will go to hide their actions. Not to mention the expense, to defend this stupidity.

  2. Renie Grosser

    Oi veh!

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