SAU Campus Moves to Pyongyang

This week the Timberlane Regional School Board cut a check for $50,000 to their law firm Drummond Woodsum – as well as a $1,100 check presumably for disbursements.  The district’s entire annual budget for legal expenses is $80,000.

One of the regular uses of this pot of your hard-earned money is finding ways for the board to bend me to their will- as amply demonstrated last night.

In the link below you will see the shameful actions of your elected officials, Timberlane Chairman Peter Bealo and his equally benighted counterpart, Hampstead School Board Chairman Jason Cipriano.  Neither of these gentlemen respect the First Amendment. It is called the First Amendment because  it is the first to go when wanting to get even with a political foe.

Your education in political cravenness begins around 2:16:00 in the link.  I despair for our country with men like this in elected office. That the majority of both boards are going along with this is further evidence of moral collapse.

Timberlane School Board Chairman, Peter Bealo, wrote in his email reply to Hampstead School Board Chairman Cipriano as follows:  “…I will be speaking to one of our legal representatives to determine if there is further legal action that we, the TRSB, may pursue [against Donna Green].”  Your tax dollars at work – and plenty of them – for nothing more than a malicious political agenda.

The Hampstead School Board has repeatedly shown itself as a power-tripping body unconcerned with the rights of citizens. The head-happy Mr. Cipriano has done a lot more harm to one of his follow townsmen. The fact that they reaffirmed a No Trespass order against Hampstead budget committee official, Jorge Mesa-Tejada, remains one of the most glaring abuses of power I have seen in my years watching school board politics.

This is the government you have. It becomes the government you deserve when you do nothing about it. There’s another option, too.  You can sit back and criticize my behavior at meetings.  That’s a popular option enjoyed on Facebook.

(A thank you to Stefanie Dube for her kind words of support to me privately at the meeting last night.  Greg Spero was lucky to be absent.)




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8 responses to “SAU Campus Moves to Pyongyang

  1. Mark Richards

    The rather rotund and sedentary Cipriano, bellicose and frothing, apparently forgets that elected members of a government body are there to *represent* the interests of those who elected them. Now I realize that the majority of the seat-warmers present serve to represent contractors, suppliers and to serve as a channel of nepotism, but his remarks take the cake.

    You, as an elected representative, have *every right*, and I say obligation, to speak with a parent regarding any school matter. Reaching out is clearly something that those buffoons around you simply lack the scroat to do. Likely the parent will report “[edited] a bullying environment”, a standard set among the hacks in your semi-circle of ignorance.

    Perhaps a public shaming; a reminder of why they were (allegedly) elected, might be useful.

  2. David R

    Just had the chance to briefly watch that exchange. Ok, so Bealo wasn’t there to “chastise the parent” for removing their child from school. Isn’t that very big of him. And – WOW! I hate stooping so low as to name calling, but in this situation where Bealo’s “shocked and apalled” and will be “chastising this person for some gross and inappropriate activity” (you) – what a drama queen! And as he continues on within his email response to the HSB where he states he will be speaking with one of their (SAU 55’s I’m assuming) “legal representatives to determine if there is further legal action that “we” the TRSB may pursue”. What does he mean by “further”? Is there something already pending that hasn’t been brought up? He, along with Cipriano completely take things and blow them way out of proportion. Where is Cipriano’s proof that you were “launching an investigation” on behalf of TRSD? You simply asked the parent if they would like to share their issues and talk…isn’t that correct? The thing that is appalling is the fact that Bealo himself had the audacity to go and seek legal consult. How much does it cost just for a simple “consult”? And how many times has he or even other board members (Hampstead or TRSB) sought legal consult? Does he even have the right to do so without a vote? I thought only the Superintendent had that “privilege”. Being that this comes out of my pocket, I would certainly like to know. And I would also like to know the result of that “consult”. But again, to get back to Bealo’s “further” statement – sounds like “they” have something up their sleeves or “they’re” already working on something to bring against you. Suppose there’s more RTK requests coming up…

    • Very interesting comment. And you are correct, Bealo has no more authority to seek legal counsel on behalf of the district than I do, without a vote of the board. That our tax dollars are being used to pursue litigation without a vote of any board whatsoever, and also used to attack a dissident board member and other political enemies is something that should exercise the taxpayers of this district.

      I was censured in 2014 for bring the district into disrepute. Seems they are doing just fine all on their own.

      And yes, there was nothing more to my exchange with that parent than what was read which was a sympathetic message and an offer to hear more.

    • “I hate stooping so low as to name calling,” I will. He’s a bum and nothing but a closet socialist. His attitude reflects that he is unfit for public office, but yet people keep voting him in without looking at his “red” credentials. So let me ask you this (what few sleepy little Americans are still reading this), what’s the difference between having your 1st Amendment rights shut down thru the legal system and being arrested and shipped off to a gulag for speaking out against government? Not much really, it means your vote and opinion doesn’t matter, and you are impeding “progress” of the state. Both are happening in New Hampshire. Wake up.

      • Thank you for getting to the heart of the issue. You are too kind to Mr. Bealo, however. Socialism is an economic philosophy that can coexist with free expression. I envy you for having closets that big.

  3. Mark Acciard

    Perhaps, someone could explain to Mr. Bealo that Ms. Green did not “investigate” anything. She responded to a public comment, in a public forum, stating she would welcome more info. That is it. Further, It should be explained tha t the purpose of legal budget lines is for DEFENSE, You do not have the authority to launch OFFENSIVE legal battles.

    • That’s interesting. Is trying to get a board of selectman kicked off the budget committee defensive or offensive? (The case of Josh Horns…) Where does it say no offensive legal battles can be launched?

      You are right… I did not investigate anything… just made an offer to listen. However, what would be the problem with investigating? Our boards make a virtue of ignorance – it is the supreme condition to which they aspire.

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