SAU 55 Reality TV: “Real School Board Members”

This was read during public comment at the Hampstead School Board Meeting on Sept. 13, 2016:

On August 31 Mr. Cipriano made up a story about me out of whole cloth, sent it to you and kindly copied it to Timberlane School Board chairman, Peter Bealo. Mr. Bealo, dug right in and dished out his “shame and disgust” at my alleged behavior at the last Timberlane School Board meeting.

The pretext for this gleeful mud fest was a single reply to a Hampstead parent’s post on Speakout Timberlane Facebook page saying that she had withdrawn her child from HMS due to “issues… with the leadership.”

The following three sentence Facebook reply was the totality of my behavior: “I would very much appreciate hearing what issues you encountered if you care to share them with me. We can arrange to talk through my email Thank you and best going forward.”

Just so I can be clear, is it the position of this board that I am not permitted to contact in any way a parent who at any time past or present had a child in the HSD?

If so I need to change my dentist, my hairdresser, my spa, and my favorite pizza place.

Obviously, Mr. Cipriano’s position is absurd, but also obviously, it springs from bad faith. If Mr. Cipriano were truly concerned about the consequences for his district by my communication with a member of the public, why did he not reach out to me or the parent privately?

Under Mr. Cipriano’s leadership, the Hampstead School Board has grasped for pretexts to malign political opponents. Reaffirming a No Trespass order against Jorge Mesa-Tejada is another example.

Is this the record you wish to be remembered for? It is certainly not one you will be thanked for – at least not by those you represent.

The response was, of course, stone silence by every member of the board.  Apologies make good reality TV, too.  Mr. Cipriano should try it for Season Two of “Real School Board Members of SAU 55.”



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3 responses to “SAU 55 Reality TV: “Real School Board Members”

  1. Mark Acciard

    Yes, Today’s Neo Fascisti do not care about honor, integrity, or legacy. They care about their own power base, and they use their position to attack anyone who criticizes it, with taxpayer funded resources.

    Just look at how much money the District and its attorneys have spent trying avoid producing documentation that is public info. by law

    • I tend to think many care more about their own agenda than their power base, but that, perhaps, is a quibble. Some feel the ends justifies the means while others cling to old-fashion values.

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