SB Wants $7,800 to Go to Denver

Although the School Board Chairman sees no reason to have a pressing school bus stop issue in Sandown on the agenda, he would like to ask the board for $7,800 to send 3 lucky school board members to a conference in Denver, CO in March.

Here is the notice given to school board members in their private agenda package:

NSBA Conference – 10 minutes
Chairman Bealo seeking board action on proposal to send 3 board members to the March 25-27, 2017 NSBA Conference in Denver, CO. (one weekend and three workdays). Estimated cost per person (flight, conference, food, hotel) – $2,600.

Here are my objections:

  • This money is not budgeted.
  • No one on our school board attends the New Hampshire School Boards Association conferences.  Learning starts at home.
  • Sending Mr. Bealo on this conference last year did not result in better behavior by the chairman or the board in terms of Right to Know issues, respecting public comment and correspondence, or respecting minority board member opinions and contributions – or for that matter in understanding or protecting the board’s authority versus overreach by our SAU. The proliferation of nonpublic Superintendent Advisory Committees is a prime example of the board failing to understand its duty to the public to conduct open meetings.
  • There is no published list of speakers or topics for the conference as of today.

A better use of time and resources would be for our board to watch videoed meetings of well functioning boards in  New Hampshire who truly deliberate issues. understand the gravity of their responsibilities and don’t abdicate their responsibilities to the SAU.





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9 responses to “SB Wants $7,800 to Go to Denver

  1. Soyinka

    You’re a fucking idiot. You need to stop wasting our time.

    • This is an example of love letters from a cowardly anonymous poster that have been sent to me over the last few years. I usually delete them but this one was a special kind of special. Stop wasting “our” time? Better be careful not to reveal too much.

    • Mark Acciard

      No, Sir, the Fucking idiot is you. Blindly supporting the fleecing of your wallet, while taking being treated in a condescending manner by the people doing the fleecing.

      Try strapping a set on, and putting your name to your words. I am continually amazed at the faux bravery exhibited by those who cower behind the cloak of anonymity.

      On another note, isn’t it a conflict of interest for Mr. Bealo to advocate for this expenditure when he benefits from it?

      Just saying…..

  2. “our” time? Board members are supposed to serve all the taxpayers. They volunteered to serve. Answering questions is part of the gig. Avoiding questions is typical of people that are stupid (not sorry for the trigger word) or are avoiding the truth. Thanks for the work you do!

  3. Kelly Ward

    Donna, please don’t try to insinuate that we as a board are shirking any duties with regard to “A pressing bus stop issue” as you put it, the issue you are referring to is simply a TOWN ordinance that does not allow parking on paved portions of the roads in Sandown. The TRSB has no athourity over who parks where in any town. Atkinson has this same issue, in fact, our police chief told me that the Atkinson chief is having his officers issue citations.

    The change needs to come from the selectmen, not the TRSB.

    • I completely disagree. Parking is not the issue. The location of the bus stop is the issue – as I see it. Wouldn’t it be more productive to have this debate at a public meeting? The bus stop needs to be moved and that is only in the purview of the School board/Superintendent.

    • This is exactly why issues such as this should be discussed in public – and not by a chosen few like Mr. Kelly. There is an important difference of opinion on the solution to the problem – but by selecting only a few from the good old boys network, all solutions/opinions are not aired and considered. Secret Advisory meetings allow the ball to be kicked back and forth between the town and the district with no real resolution for the children and parents who are heartily inconvenienced.

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