Metzler Speaks: Sandown Bus Stop

As a member of the school board representing Sandown, I am happy to announce that our superintendent has issued a press release to inform me and all affected Sandown parents of his decision with respect to the bus stop controversy on Lakeview Rd.


To put the timeliness of this in context, here is an email I sent to our superintendent on Oct. 4, 2016.

Dear Superintendent Metzler:
On Tuesday, Sept.27, the Transportation Advisory Committee met in nonpublic to discuss the Lakeview bus stop in Sandown.  Sandown’s police chief suggested the stop be moved to Higgins Ave. at least temporarily until a permanent solution could be found.
I’m writing to ask two things:
1) Please publish in writing your decision as to the Lakeview bus stop as the parents need to know this as soon as possible so they can make arrangements for their children;
2) Please call a public meeting on this issue so all the affected parents can propose solutions or at the very least understand your decision on the stop.
Since you denied me the opportunity to attend this advisory meeting by both denying my participation and moving the meeting to an undisclosed location at the last moment, I have concerns that not all possible options to the problem were fully explored and explained – something substantiated by Mr. Tombarello’s remarks at last night’s Sandown Board of Selectmen meeting.  A public meeting will allow parents to help find a solution or understand the reasoning at play at the SAU.
Until that can happen, the parents and I would appreciate written communication from you as to your decision on the location of the bus stop on Lakeview Rd.
Thank you,
Donna Green
Sandown rep to TRSB
cc: Sandown Board of Selectmen
      Timberlane Regional School Board
      Ted Stachulski

The superintendent has accepted Sandown Police Chief Gordon’s suggestions.  Although this ameliorates the safety issue, I do not feel it is a long-term solution, but I suspect this is where things will rest unless the parents of the Lakeview area come to school board meetings to press their issue.

There is a Timberlane Parents’ Advisory Forum on transportation on Monday. This will allow parents to blow off steam but please be aware that this is not a school board forum.


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2 responses to “Metzler Speaks: Sandown Bus Stop

  1. Mark Acciard

    It was still illegal for the advisory council meeting to be held out of the public eye. Not that Mr. Metzler cares a whit.

    • As I always say: This is the government you have. If you do nothing about it, it becomes the government you deserve. Mark lives out of the district. He isn’t affected but he seems to be the only one who understands how pernicious these advisory committees are and the danger they pose to good governance.

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