Further to SAU Budget: 3% raises

Not only did the SAU chairman stop motions to remove money from the budget last night, but by permitting a completely inappropriate motion to cut off debate, he prevented the SAU board from discussing the annual raise for SAU employees.

A few years ago, Dr. Metzler created a “merit pool” wherein he can dip and award employees however much or little he cares to award – without the knowledge of the SAU board. The SAU board doesn’t even know what SAU employees make, except for the superintendent himself.

Every year since this “merit pool” was created, the annual increase in the merit pool has been about 3%*.  In all previous years this was subject to debate – fruitless, true, but debate nonetheless. This year the facade was dropped.  The merit pool wasn’t even mentioned.

Who cares after all?  The Hampstead board showed up in force. They pay only 24% of the SAU budget so they have very little motivation to save taxpayer money and evidently no shame in showing they couldn’t care less. Of course, the Timberlane board could barely muster 3 members to be present.

Sandown’s town operating budget is $3.5 million.  $2 million is a serious amount of money for us even when it is split among four towns.

Taxpayers in SAU 55, you have no idea how sold out you are by your school boards.

For an interesting historical perspective, see the SAU budget discussion from Oct. 2014: SAU budget up 6%

This is the government you have.  It becomes the government you deserve when you do nothing about it.

*Originally this post said increases were from 3-5.6%.


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