More Pronouncements on Lakeview Bus Stop

This announcement shall serve as notification of a change in protocol for students who utilize the Lakeview Avenue bus stop in Sandown. Effective immediately, students will no longer be allowed to wait for the bus in the designated second driveway of 84 Main Street; the offer to wait in this driveway has been rescinded. Students will now be required wait along the right-of-way on Lakeview Avenue. Specifically, students shall stand on the right-hand side of the road, in single file along the fence line. Students shall not be permitted to wait on 121A (Main Street). This arrangement will provide a safe location for students to wait while also ensuring maximum space for vehicles to navigate the road. There are no changes to the protocol for utilizing the Higgins Avenue bus stop; parents/guardians who wish to wait with students in their vehicles or pick them up in their vehicles should use the bus stop located at Higgins Avenue (and 121A).
Though well-intended, Police Chief Gordon’s arrangement with the property owner of 84 Main Street is not a viable solution to a decades-long issue. Dr. Metzler’s recommendation that the Town of Sandown design and create a community bus stop that would allow both students and parents to wait for the school bus without concern for the traffic on Route 121A or the limited space on the many side roads still stands.
Support from the Sandown community is greatly appreciated while an appropriate and long term bus stop can be established to serve the families within the Duston Grove area.
October 25, 2016

Sandown residents should know that the superintendent has never consulted with this representative from Sandown on this issue.


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4 responses to “More Pronouncements on Lakeview Bus Stop

  1. Melissa

    I know you are not always allowed to share your opinion on matters. So, in regards to this, what are your thoughts? This seems to be a long standing issue from what people are saying, however it is just recently that police have begun taking notice. Although the proposed alternatives thus far, do not solve the problem, I personally can’t think of what else could be done.

    • Thanks for writing. I would like to explore putting a bus stop on or around Cedar Circle which is a large cul de sac perfect for turning around a full-sized bus. Given how narrow the streets are though, a half-sized bus or a van would be the best solution. Given that we had more than a $3 million surplus this past year, the district cannot say they do not have the money to explore this. Why is it so impossible to have a public meeting to discuss how many children going to what schools live in the neighborhood and how we could transport them efficiently? Instead we get pronouncements from the SAU and secret meetings. The school board refuses to take an interest in this when it is clearly a school district issue.

      • Melissa

        Not being familiar with the neighborhood entirely, why do you propose Cedar Circle? Wouldn’t it be just as sufficient to have a bus just loop around Lakeside to Grandview or Birch? Maybe with a stop at both intersections? Again, just a thought.
        I know it is a large bus stop in regards to elementary/kindergarten, both of which could ride the same bus. Not sure on what the middle and high school runs are like. I’m not familiar with half size buses, but many fear would be many parents have a stigma against smaller buses, as they hold a connotation of special education students.

      • I’m open to many suggested possibilities. Everything should be explored and a bus should be driven around the neighborhood to see what the issues are with a full-sized bus, or other. One thing I would personally not entertain is an objection due to an imagined “stigma” with the size of the bus.

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