TRSD Support Staff Union Declares Impasse

The Timberlane Support Staff Union (TSSU) issued this statement on Oct. 28.


It is a great disservice to the public that negotiating session with both parties are not public.



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2 responses to “TRSD Support Staff Union Declares Impasse

  1. Lock them out and replace with non-union workers. Ditto for the bus drivers. And the teachers.

    • From comments on Speakout Timberlane today, it seems that the Timberlane bus drivers didn’t know anything about their Teamsters Union voting to authorize strike action. The Timberlane shop steward reports that her crew is happy this year and upset at the prospect of a strike. As I have been saying for some time, much labor unrest could be avoided if all negotiating sessions were done in public. The public and union members themselves could then judge just how well and reasonably the parties represent their constituents’ interests.

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