Burning Pants at Budcom Meeting

Dear TRSD Budget Committee,

I don’t know how to tell you this gently so I’m going to come right out and say it.  You’ve been deceived by people you trust.

You remember how I went all the way to the Supreme Court of New Hampshire to obtain staffing information from the district?  Well, staffing is once again the painful blister that is too sensitive to be touched – so lies ensue.

At last night’s meeting (Nov. 10, 2016) Mr. Geary said, “FTEs [full-time equivalents]….would be more helpful discussing a budget vs. head count.”  Then he asked Business Administrator, George Stokinger, if the staffing information given to the budget committee as head count was available in FTEs.

Mr. Stokinger: “I don’t believe so. We’d have to check.”

Mr. Collins: “There are A12 reports filed with the state but those are filed later in the year. You could have FTEs for last year but they’re not compiled for this year, I believe.”

Funny thing is, dear Budcom, that Arthur Green spent two weeks prying Timberlane’s A12b (staffing) filing from the Department of Education.  He got it only yesterday, the day of your meeting.  It’s a pity budget committee members don’t know what information has to be reported to the state and when. You couldn’t be so easily given the run around if you did.

Here’s what the administration knows, and does not want to share (in FTEs):


The budget presented last winter for the current school year supposedly cut 22 full-time equivalent positions.  At public hearing in January, Arthur Green asked the district how many actual staff reductions there would be.  Now we know.  Staff is down by 11.  And all the net cuts – 10.7 FTEs – came from the classroom. 

One thing I hope you’ve learned from this episode, my dear Budcom, is that the SAU and Mr. Collins are not your friends.  They are not your trustworthy resource for information and they are not there to help you.


Been There. Done That.  Got the Supreme Court Verdict.

You can watch the risible staffing discussion starting at 3:22:32

Budcom Nov 10



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6 responses to “Burning Pants at Budcom Meeting

  1. Hmmm it makes one wonder what document the payroll person used to input the salary information for the year. Did he/she look at the actual contracts issued which would of course indicate the FTE for each staff member or did he/she use another document? Either way a contract exists so Mr. Stockinger not having the information readily available is quite odd.

    • The digital budget detail for the salary line the I got from my court victory had all FTE status for all employees so, yes, there is a button to press to get FTE count.

  2. Linda

    Touche!!! Who oversees these people or are they just allowed to run wild?
    There must be some accountability. I am disgusted with the way Sandown taxpayers have been targeted.

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