Injunction Filings

As my gentle readers know well, I am a member of the Timberlane Regional School Board. Despite this responsible elected office, I am compelled to drive to Brentwood, pay 25 cents a page and photocopy legal filings of the Timberlane Regional School District filed, it is said, on behalf of our board.  The board never voted to pursue legal action; never voted to hire the lawyer who is, according to filed documents, acting on the board’s behalf.  The board learned legal action by the superintendent was contemplated only via an article in a newspaper.  Not only that, but our school board chairman will neither distribute to the board nor give me on specific request, these legal filings nominally done on behalf of the board.

Here, as a public service, are the filings concerning the injunction relating to the potential bus strike. Because the court’s office was closing, I did not copy the pro forma documents showing the Teamsters Local 633 notice for removal of the case to Federal Court and the Notice of Filing for Removal to US District Court for the District of NH. The jurisdiction has been moved because the (Federal) Labor Management Relations Act governs violations of contracts between employers and labor organizations. All this does is change the court from state to federal.

Here are the substantive documents in the case obtained at my own cost and time:



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