Why TRSB will never have a good chairman

These would be my commitments as a school board chairman.  I would:

  • restore control of the agenda to the members of the board
  • encourage public comment by not enforcing strict time limits, and respond to public comments in a meaningful way
  • require all correspondence be discussed with the entire board in public session
  • insist on board review of all major contracts, and open all contract bids at school board meetings
  • seat the superintendent at the end of the board table along with the business administrator and recording secretary.  Remove all other administrators from the board table
  • keep administrator comments to a strict 3 minute limit
  • have a standing financial review period at every meeting at which expenditures, revenues and facilities are discussed
  • assign membership on standing committees by competency – not by popularity
  • stop using seating and committee assignments as political weapons
  • recommend and lobby for the removal of all administrators from all school board standing committees.  Administrative expertise to be at the committee’s invitation.
  • require the minutes of all standing committee meetings be promptly circulated to all board members
  • disband all superintendent advisory committees and restore the proper lines of authority and communication between the board, superintendent and the public
  • provide all board members with timely information on the district’s legal activities and expenses, and prohibit any litigation without a vote of the board.  No more secret litigation.
  • put an end to crony hiring and nepotism
  • cut off all avenues for the superintendent to become a power broker by restoring the statutory authority of the school board
  • encourage the board to change auditors regularly
  • require full financial transparency with the budget committee
  • put an end to requiring elected school district officials from having to file Right to Know requests to gain public information
  • recommend for immediate firing any employee who lies to the board with willful purpose

Individually and collectively, these issues are why we will continue to have chairmen who carry water for the superintendent. The symptoms of dismal governance are mediocre academic results, irresponsible budgets and runaway taxes. Your elected officials are the cause.


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