On Reconsideration of Taylor v. SAU55

In the case of David Taylor v. SAU55, judge David Anderson declined to reconsider his previous decision.  He also ruled that the single sentence in the disputed minutes was permissibly redacted.


The SAU55 board has put aside $40,000 to fight this case in the NH Supreme Court should Mr. Taylor decide to appeal Judge Anderson’s decision. It is not known how much TRSD spent fighting me all the way to the NH Supreme Court because they did not want me having budget information in electronic form but it was in the tens of thousands. I am confident taxpayers would not have wanted to spend that money to thwart transparency. Do taxpayers want to spend another boatload of money to thwart Mr. Taylor’s demands? Here is what is on the line so you can decide if $40,000 is a good use of your education dollars.

Mr. Taylor was challenging SAU55’s policy of charging 50 cent a page for Right to Know information. He was also challenging the SAU’s policy of requiring a thumb drive in original packaging in order to obtain information in electronic form.  Mr. Taylor wants them to charge a cost more in keeping with actual copying, and to stop requiring a thumb drive when emailing or simply posting to a public website is easier for all involved. This is, in total, all that is at dispute in this case now…. and your elected officials are gung ho to fight this all the way to the state’s highest court should Mr. Taylor so challenge this. I say this because they added this money to the SAU budget specifically for this case.

Here is what I had to say about that during an SAU meeting:


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