There’s a New Educator in Town

Announcing the formation of the School District Governance Association of New Hampshire

Thank you to the Eagle Tribune for solid coverage of this new and promising organization:

Green Creates School Governance Group


Concord, NH Dec. 12, 2016 –

School board and school budget committee members currently have few independent resources to assist them in improving the governance and budgeting of their districts.

The School District Governance Association of New Hampshire (SDGA NH) has been created as a resource devoted entirely to educating and empowering elected school district officials so they can effectively assert their lawful authority and be responsive to their electorate.

SDGA NH is a forum of experienced elected officials committed to:

  • Educating elected school district officials as to their proper role and responsibilities
  • Promulgating best practices in good governance and prudent budgeting
  • Formulating model school district policies so boards will now have an independent, alternative resource
  • Proposing and monitoring legislation that enhances local control in education and openness in administration.

Too often school district elected officials abdicate their lawful authority to hired administrators and entrenched interests,” says SDGA President, Donna Green. “SDGA’s mission is to move the balance of power back to elected representatives for the ultimate benefit of our children’s education.”

The Association meets on the first Saturday of the month in Concord. Voting membership is open to past or present elected officials with fiduciary responsibility over a school district budget. Non-voting membership is also available for those who share our mission. For more information please visit our website,

Contact: Donna Green

President, 603-513-1647

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