School Board Members Making Public Comment TRSD Style

Cutting the audio transmission during meetings is a favorite power play by the past and current chairmen of our school board.  At the Dec. 15 school board meeting, Chairman Bealo cut the mic on me during the public comment section of the meeting (and later on during board business, too). For my loyal readers outside of New Hampshire, public comment is a time at the beginning of public meetings for members of the public to speak to the board. Everyone has a right to make public comment, but my comments are special. They are the only ones subject to censorship. I must say, it does rather give me a big head.

That evening, though, another school board member wanted to horn in on my specialness. Danville’s Stefanie Dube  used public comment to get her concerns about Achieve 3000 out in the open.  The agenda, you see, is controlled by Superintendent Metzler and Mr. Bealo, so it’s no wonder they do not want any discussion of Achieve 3000.  It would be impossible to avoid public discussion of Mrs. Metzler’s previously undisclosed involvement with the company that we have recently spent 183,400 with and with which we have budgeted to spend another $100,000 – also previously undisclosed.

I discovered the district was planning to roll out Achieve 3000 to the elementary level (at a cost of $100,000) only thanks to Right to Know information from TRSD that I requested concerning our purchase of Achieve 3000.  This information included emails that disclosed the whole, deceptive story. But I digress.

Here is public comment from the Timberlane Regional School Board meeting of Dec. 15, 2016. Please don’t miss Arthur Green’s comments about the default budget. Those are pretty special, too.  Behold your board in action.

This is the government you have.  It becomes the government you deserve when you do nothing about it.

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