Prepare for TRSD’s Budget Public Hearing and Deliberative Session

Last year’s Public Hearing on Timberlane’s proposed budget was a lively one thanks to the probing efforts of Leon Artus from Atkinson.  Mark  Jan. 12 (Thursday) in your calendar to attend the Public Hearing on the proposed 17/18 operating budget – the budget that could  give Sandown and Danville a 9% school tax increase and Plaistow an 8% increase.

You might also like to read the rules around what can and can’t be done during Timberlane’s Deliberative Session which will be held on Feb. 9th.  There are a number of popular misconceptions around Deliberative Sessions which this article from the Local Government Center corrects in a quick read:   16 Things Every Citizen Should Know About Town Meeting

Step up!

For those who would like to try their hand at making things better in our district, there are four elective openings:

  • Timberlane District Moderator
  • School board representative from Atkinson
  • School board representative from Danville
  • School board representative from Plaistow

The filing period is Jan. 25- Feb 3.  Simply go to the SAU office between those dates from 8:30 am to 4 pm to register your candidacy. SAU 55, 30 Greenough Road, Plaistow, NH 03865 – Phone: 603-382-6119 – Fax: 603-382-3334 – Email:

Citizen petitioned warrant articles can also be submitted to the SAU office until the end of business on Jan. 10.  All you need is 25 signatures from registered voters from any of the four towns in the school district and your warrant will be put on the school district ballot for consideration by voters. I’ve done my duty this year by asking voters to instruct TRSB to change auditors every four years, which is only the most fundamental good business practice.  I do not know when our auditors were last changed but the Department of Revenue went back as far as their records go on this (2007) and Timberlane had the same auditor then as we have now. We deserve better business practice than that.




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