Green Files Complaint Concerning TRSD Default Budget

Yesterday I undertook the expense and stress of a new legal action against the district. My objective is to get a detailed accounting of Timberlane’s 2017-18 default budget.

Timberlane’s default budget is, for the third year in a row, higher than the proposed budget. Arthur Green and I would like to understand exactly how the district arrived yet again at such a convenient circumstance which in effect strips voters of a real choice in operating budgets for 2017-18. At the Dec. 15 school board meeting, the board voted against providing me with a line item default budget.

This was filed at Rockingham Superior Court on Jan. 3, 2017: green-v-metzler-et-al-complaint-1

As Mr. Lehmann pled, “Members of political minorities, or individual members of governing bodies, cannot be deprived of their right to access relevant, non-confidential information by political majorities. Likewise, members of political minorities cannot be relieved of their duty to the public they serve by the mere fact that a political majority fails to perform its duties in a diligent and intelligent manner.”

Thanks, as always, to our generous and able lawyer, Richard Lehmann. Yesterday marks his first day in his new Manchester office.

Donations for legal expenses would be very much appreciated.


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