Hearing Date Set for Green v. Metzler et al

A hearing before Judge Andrew Schulman is set for

Wed, Jan. 18, 2017 at approximately 9 a.m.

Rockingham Superior Court, Brentwood, NH


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One response to “Hearing Date Set for Green v. Metzler et al

  1. Richard L Anthony

    I may not agree with a lot of what Ms. Green does, but it is pretty much the accepted standard in financial circles to provide a reconciliation to the source document that was used to generate a report. The fact that there wasn’t a reconciliation readily furnished and she was directed to do it herself by going out to various web sites is substandard and a bit troubling. This is just basic due diligence. Frankly it could have been done on an excel spreadsheet . I would have had this report thrown back in my face if I refused to provide a reconciliation or a basic discussion about the assumptions involved in producing the report. Mr. Stokinger should know that every first year accountant/auditor would routinely ask for documentation like this. Providing this type of information immediately or at some subsequent time prior to asking the Board to vote would have been the acceptable responses. Anything else is absolutely pure arrogance. Forget about the fact that it calls into question the tempermeant and judgement of the people that think they don’t have to provide this to elected officials and the tax payers they are representing. Too bad if it is too onerous. Get a new job if you consider furnishing routine and basic information obstructionist. I’m certain it would take less time and money as opposed to going to court. Looks like someone is hiding something.

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