Who is Timberlane13?

The Eagle Tribune ran a prominent story on the default budget dispute I have with the Timberlane Regional School District: Green Files New Lawsuit Against Timberlane

A cowardly anonymous commentator had this to say on the Tribune’s website:


Donna Green is an absolute clueless idiot who does not have the best interests of our children and schools in mind.  I truly hope the school district goes after her.  Waste of the district time and money.  She has been an obstructionist for years – has contributed little to improving our district and is a cancer that simply needs to be removed.  More people should take notice and give her a piece of their mind in person at each school board meeting.  Or after the school board meetings.  Or at her place of residence.  Those who disagree with her need to be as vocal as she is if we ever want to see any change.

Thank you, faithful readers, for your support of this suit and your understanding of its importance.



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11 responses to “Who is Timberlane13?

  1. Probably an employee of TRSD — definitely a Democrat. Inviting people to bully those one disagrees with is a Leftist tactic. Lots of feelings and no information. Demonizing and name calling. I wonder if the Eagle Tribune would post the same comment if the target was Metzler?

  2. Mark Acciard

    I have always adored those brave souls who proffer their witless repartee, from behind the shroud of anonymity. My message to Timberlane13, is; Grow up, strap a set on, and speak your mind in the open, where YOU may suffer the slings and arrows of others assessment of your opinions. Absent that, this looks as honest and forthright as one of Mr. Collins pronouncements.

  3. cheryl

    What a clueless idiot

  4. Ask Mark Sherwood he knows.

    • Just to be clear, you are not suggesting this comment was made by Mark Sherwood. You are only suggesting he would know who did make it. If that is true, and I have no reason to know that it is, why should he tell me?

  5. Mark Sherwood

    The irony of an anonymous contributor “175ifs” calling me out for the identity of an anonymous post is funny. To be clear, I neither wrote nor have knowledge of the author of the article. For the record, I would never advocate for someone visiting a person at their residence, your home is your castle. Additionally, I have never mistaken Mrs. Green as being an absolute clueless idiot.

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