Budcom Cuts $200k from Budget!

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Following last night’s public hearing on Timberlane’s proposed 2017-18 operating budget, the school budget committee held a special meeting.  This special meeting is conducted every year and usually involves the budget committee voting on its recommendations on the warrant articles going forward to Deliberative Session.

Last night was different.  Very different.  TRSD Budget Committee Chariman Lee Dube has informed  Arthur Green via email, that the budget committee cut $200,000 from the proposed budget last night at their special meeting. I do not know any more details than that.

During last night’s public hearing, Mr. Dube suggested this might happen so he was questioned about the procedural implications.  District counsel, James O’Shaughnessy, explained that the budget can be reduced between Public Hearing and Deliberative Session but no new purposes or appropriations can be made without another Public Hearing. For the curious, the relevant RSA is below.

RSA 32:5 in part:  II. All purposes and amounts of appropriations to be included in the budget or special warrant articles shall be disclosed or discussed at the final hearing. The governing body or budget committee shall not thereafter insert, in any budget column or special warrant article, an additional amount or purpose of appropriation which was not disclosed or discussed at that hearing, without first holding one or more public hearings on supplemental budget requests for town or district expenditures.

Because the special meeting wasn’t televised, we await a new budget draft and publication of the meeting minutes to learn the full details. Thank you to Mr. Dube for letting us know. He conducted a good public hearing last night and would make a fine district moderator should he wish in future to hold a different public office in the district.



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2 responses to “Budcom Cuts $200k from Budget!

  1. Lee Dube

    I’m going to stray from my position of not responding to matters on social media simply because I feel the need to clarify the misrepresentation of what is included in this blog.

    They way you have chosen to write this post makes certain insinuations that are not accurate.

    On Thursday morning I received an email from Arthur asking if the budget had been changed and if our meeting on the 26th had been canceled. I replied that yes the budget had been reduced by $200k and the meeting was canceled.

    I may have been better served to simply reply with a yes the budget was changed and referred Arthur to the meeting minutes once they are published.

    The post has lead some to question my integrity. It has also caused speculation that this was some calculated back room dealing or even a hidden agenda. That is not the case. Unfortunately I cannot change that. I’ll simply need to let my character speak for itself.

    • Mr. Dube, In no way did I intend to attack your integrity or even imply anything amiss. In fact, I’m delighted the Budcom actually did something.
      What is it about my post that you find objectionable? I will take pains to correct it, if I agree it is unfair. My intention was to report happy news and to show that action taken was legal.

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