Education Crisis Isn’t about Money

Education Crisis Isn’t about Money

Thank you to the Union Leader for publishing this article.

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2 responses to “Education Crisis Isn’t about Money

  1. Mark Richards

    I agree in substance, but you miss a key point. The problems you continue to encounter, and the ever-increasing mound of public injury for which your Board is renowned, is beyond fiscal mismanagement. [It] is but a symptom of a much greater issue. Your board suffers from a deficit of moral (and intellectual) leadership. A group of arrogant, inept [..] political actors + public funds + public education are proven here, and everywhere, to be a toxic, destructive mix.

    If the (very) general public can manage to remove the reprehensible lot that occupies your board, replace that embarrassment of a superintendent, and attract real citizens like you who are ONLY motivated by the potential of the students and families they are entrusted to serve, I suspect we will then see all the other issues settle out nicely.

    Meanwhile, the entire mess begs to be thrashed through the legal process until the necessary and long-awaited resignations […] arrive. [edited by DG]

    • Len Mullen

      I think the problem is that the school board and budget committee are abdicating their responsibilities because they rightly believe they are not equipped to prepare or analyze a school budget in just a couple hundred hours with people untrained in budgeting or running a school.

      They need to understand that it is PERFECTLY OK for them to simply say the district will allocate $x for education this year. Do the best you can with that. When the SAU presents their proposed budget, it it PERFECTLY OK for them to say we do not want to spend anything on this or that, instruct the SAU to put those items in a bucket and allocate $0 for that line.

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