The Battle Turns Ugly

Today Timberlane petitioned the judge to assess legal costs against Green.


The SAU uses two lawyers to my one.  Why not?  You are paying, after all.  And if not, perhaps I will pay.

Donations to the legal fund for this case are very much needed and can be sent “In Trust for D. Green” to : Richard Lehmann Law Office, 835  Hanover St., Suite 301, Manchester, NH  03104.  If we are awarded attorney fees, your donation will be returned.


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6 responses to “The Battle Turns Ugly

  1. Mark Acciard

    What a surprise!!! Another frivolous, specious motion to give Earl, and Petey something to crow about.

    Guys, even your own brief acknowledges that in order for you to get away with this travesty, Ms. Green’s case must be; “made in bad faith”. Given that she is trying to access PUBLIC INFORMATION, THAT YOU ARE […] WITHHOLDING, it clearly is not, Especially given the fact that she has won a startling similar case previously, and evidently you were not intelligent enough to learn from that case outcome. Instead of producing public information, you choose to spend tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars just to harass the person who had the temerity to force some small degree of transparency from you. When she wins, the Court will force you to reimburse the taxpayers for the monies you have wasted.

  2. Mark Richards

    A little presumptive by your charming Board, no? The case has not been decided yet. Such a confident arrogance… unless the system is corrupt, right to the court system itself.

  3. Too bad the voters in other towns don’t have you on their school boards. No one fights for their towns they way you and Arthur have. You truly deserved the the First Amendment Law award you received from the Nackey Loeb School of Communication. Fight on!!!

  4. Richard L Anthony

    When did the court say that you could expect a verdict?

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