“Do the voters have confidence in Timberlane Superintendent, Dr. Earl Metzler?”

“Do the voters have confidence in Timberlane Superintendent, Dr. Earl Metzler?” 

This is a question you will find on the Timberlane School District ballot on March 14 (if left unchanged at Deliberative).  It is a Citizen Petitioned Warrant Article put forward by Danville resident, Shawn O’Neil.

Your school board was in exceptional form Thursday night (Jan. 26, 2017)  when 6 members got together in an emergency meeting to vote their recommendations on the two Citizen Petitioned Warrant Articles that will be on the ballot. Had I been in attendance, I would have argued against taking any board vote on any Citizen Petition, though, of course, it would have made no difference. (Dube, Green and Sapia were absent.)

Being fully aware that this petition is an opportunity for voters to voice their displeasure with our SAU’s leadership, each board member took greater pains than the last to pledge their allegiance,  gratitude, and appreciation for Superintendent Metzler and his work. It rather resembled a meeting of the Communist Party where the first comrade to stop clapping would be dragged from the room.

Generous raises, maximum bonuses, an early and long contract extension, and hiring Mrs. Metzler for six years apparently does not speak for itself. And don’t overlook the further vote of confidence the board demonstrated, if only they had known, when they purchased a $183,400 literacy program (Achieve 3000) from a company with which Mrs. Metzler was associated as a consultant.

None of that is enough for Mr. Collins who yesterday morning asked school board members  if they would like to participate in some unspecified demonstration of confidence in our superintendent. It will be interesting to see what other expenditure of public funds Mr. Collins will suggest to show our devotion to our superintendent. We’re already set to extend Achieve 3000 from our middle and high schools this year to the elementary schools next year.

The meeting lasted 35 minutes. I highly recommend watching it.  Jan. 26, TRSB meeting

I will soon be writing about their rehearsed arguments against the second Citizen’s Petition the board dealt with on Thursday night.  That petition asks the voters to require TRSD to change auditors regularly.


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4 responses to ““Do the voters have confidence in Timberlane Superintendent, Dr. Earl Metzler?”

  1. Dave R

    And I’m sure once the votes are tallied we’ll have an administration that decries voter fraud and says that illegals were bused in to partake…lol. Well, hopefully this will give the district a true barometer of what “We, the people” really think. I for one am completely dissatisfied especially knowing about the hiring terms of Mrs Metzler and then your great work to uncover her association with Achieve 3000. I wonder how many other underground and unknown misgivings have yet to be uncovered. Would certainly like to see a line item budget that may give us a little more insight.

  2. Mark Acciard

    Um, under the law, the governing body does not have to recommend or not recommend any warrant articles that do not raise and appropriate monies.

    As a matter of propriety, they should NOT be recommending or not recommending ANY citizen petition article not dealing with money.

    But when would we EVER expect the SB to either follow the law, or do the right thing?

  3. Ed Holdgate

    I have complete confidence His Majesty Earl Metzler will attempt to continue building upwards his budget [and] his empire. [Edited by DG.]

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