Staffing Bulls-eye: Teachers or Admin?

Guest Contribution by Arthur Green

Timberlane student enrollment declines but its overall staffing level is being protected. While there has been some marginal reduction in staff, the teaching staff is in the bulls-eye. Classroom teachers are taking the hit while administrators are flourishing.

Here’s the overall staffing change since 2007/08, the year Timberlane introduced its Kindergarten program.  That was also the peak year of enrollment.


While enrollment dropped by over a thousand, staff was reduced by only 31 full-time equivalents.  But somehow the classroom teaching staff is down by 45 FTEs. Yet somehow it was necessary to increase administrative and support staff by 7% while enrollment fell by 23%.

Let’s look at the number of staff servicing the student population.  Here is the average number of students supported by each staff member:


On average, the number of students serviced by each staff member has declined 20% over nine years. The load on Admin and support is dramatically lower – 29%, because the number of staff in that category went up while enrollment dropped.

We reported the availability of official staffing number for the 2017/18 year here (as filed by TRSD with the NH Department of Education).


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