Want to Say No to More Taxes? TRSD Deliberative this Thursday

What’s easier? Moving to another town or spending a few hours on Thursday night to cast a vote?

Timberlane’s annual Deliberative Session will be a lively one again this year.

This is the year for parents and all taxpayers to stand up to bullying threats and assert their right to an honest budget.

Arthur Green will make a motion to lower the budget.

This is the only time of the year when YOU can affect the budget. A majority vote will change the budget bottom line and your tax bill.

Every year, employees and parents intimidated by false threats to cut services outnumber taxpayers who demand better. As a result, the budget continues to climb even though our enrollment is consistently decreasing, our budget surpluses are in the multi-millions, and our own tax burdens in Sandown and Danville are close to insupportable.

If you don’t come to vote, you are abandoning control of your taxes to others who will not keep them under control.

Deliberative will be held at the Timberlane Regional High School gym. Arrive at 6:30 to have time to register. Session starts at 7 pm. In case of snow, check Timberlane.net for postponement. Snow date is Friday night, Feb 10, and may have to be held in the Performing Arts Center.


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One response to “Want to Say No to More Taxes? TRSD Deliberative this Thursday

  1. Mark Richards

    President Trump is quickly moving ahead with one of his campaign goals: to return control over the public school systems to local communities. If there were an option, which might you like best: the US Department of Education’s abysmal record and continued lack of leadership or the TRSD’s ineptitude, corruption and dereliction of duty?

    Unless taxpayers and parents take control, your District could achieve an unenviable metamorphosis – from tragedy to an irrecoverable disaster. Taxpayers should be lining up in large numbers to stem the tide before the cost of their property becomes unsustainable and their District devolves into an even more onerous burden than it already is.

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