SAU 55: Explain Duplicate Entries in SAU 55 and TRSD Budgets, please

Have Timberlane and SAU 55 been taxing you twice for software programs used by SAU 55?

Double budgeting SAU and TRSD

Software Budget Overlap

In a March 7th email to the TRSD chairman, the TRSD Budget Committee chairman and Dr. Metzler, I asked them to explain why we are budgeting twice for software being used by the SAU to run both Timberlane and Hampstead.

Only the TRSD Budget Committee chairman had the courtesy to reply.  He said he was personally quite busy and would look into it when he could.

Here’s what I think is going on:

  • Timberlane is providing enterprise-wide software to SAU 55.  Why doesn’t SAU 55 buy its own software?
  • SAU 55 is paying Timberlane back for the software, but is paying back less than Timberlane is charging to taxpayers.  Why?

Now what the SAU administration has to demonstrate is where exactly on the audited statements and in the revenue budget is this payment shown from SAU 55 to Timberlane for software fees.  I can tell you that nowhere in these two documents is this explicitly disclosed.

I’m willing to consider that I may be completely off base in understanding what is going on in these entries that on their face seem duplicative, but at the very least SAU55 should have enough respect for all of us to explain it to us.

So far: crickets.

March 12:  The crickets have now had babies.












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