Voting 3/14: Sandown and Danville

Please don’t let the snow keep you from voting on Tuesday.  Your town and school district need your voice -Timberlane especially.

I am living in hope that voters will send some hard-minded people to the school board who will stand up for the authority of the board and will not defer to the administration for every decision and expenditure.

Atkinson and Plaistow have postponed their elections to March 21 due to the winter storm. All have contested school board seats as well as budget committee seats.

With the right people elected this year, the school board could actually change.  Most years, this isn’t true, but this year it is.





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2 responses to “Voting 3/14: Sandown and Danville

  1. I would be interested in reading your thoughts on the Timberlane issues — which candidates you support and why, which warrants you support and why. Thanks!

  2. The real reason Atkinson and Plaistow delayed their town meeting? Their order of these could not be delivered in time…

    Plenty of voters at the Danville polls.

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