Legislature fails to remove ignorance excuse

Source: Legislature fails to remove ignorance excuse



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3 responses to “Legislature fails to remove ignorance excuse

  1. Dave R

    Is there a list available of the legislators that voted “against”? I would like to know how my local representatives voted and if they were against, ask them why. This should certainly not be something any one of them should have voted against, unless they have something to hide themselves.

    • Funny you should ask this! RTKNH has just compiled such a listing. I am happy to report that all of our 5 state reps voted for the bill.

      You might be interested in checking out RighttoKnowNH.wordpress.com as it has a listing of all RTK bills before the legislature and their current status. As far as I know, our vote list is not yet posted to their blog.

      • David R

        So a question in regards to your 3/13/17 entry of “SAU 55 chooses path of most resistance” in RighttoKnowNH.wordpress.com (I didn’t see a place where I could leave a comment there) – you make the comment: “My SAU has recently distinguished itself by claiming that it cannot provide emails in electronic form since emails must be printed to be responsive to the Right to Know request. Fifty cents a page, please!”. Are they feigning ignorance here? I would hate to think they would, because…doesn’t everyone know that you can change the printer output to “Save as PDF” as an alternate option to physically printing something out? Although in certain cases, a 1 or 2 page printout would surely be cheaper than using the $7.50 thumb drive.

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