More Voting Fallout: Timberlane’s next board meeting must be postponed

In yet another ripple from Atkinson and Plaistow’s decision to postpone voting day, the next Timberlane School Board meeting must be postponed.

The relevent law applies to both towns and cooperative school districts. It says that no one shall assume public office until after the period for requesting a recount.

Atkinson and Plaistow will be voting on March 21.  The recount period will expire at the end of business on March 24.  The school board’s re-organizational meeting is currently scheduled for March 23.

I’ve written to the chairman and the board informing them of their duty to postpone the meeting in order to accommodate the newly elected members. I’m awaiting a reply. Thank you to a former selectman in Atkinson for making me aware of this issue.

669:9 Oaths of Town Officers. – All town officers elected as provided in this chapter shall take an oath of office as provided in RSA 42 before qualifying for office.

 669:10 Term of Office. –
I. Except as otherwise provided, the term of office of any officer elected under this chapter shall begin upon his election and qualification for office and shall end upon the election and qualification of his successor.
II. No person shall assume a town office until after the time period for requesting a recount is over. If a recount is requested for a town office, no person shall assume that office until after the recount is completed.
 669:30 Recounts; Application. – Any person for whom a vote was cast and recorded for any office at a town election may, no later than the Friday following the election, apply in writing to the town clerk for a recount of the ballots cast for such office, the clerk shall appoint a time for the recount not earlier than 5 days nor later than 10 days after the receipt of said application.

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