TRSD Election Results

Timberlane’s elections in Atkinson and Plaistow were conducted yesterday.  Sandown and Danville’s elections were conducted during the storm on March 14.  Here are the results as released by SAU 55:  March 2017 Timberlane Voting Result

Congratulations to Kim Farah and Brian Boyle for being newly elected to Timberlane’s board.

The town of Hampstead will vote on March 28 so the composition of SAU55’s board is still undetermined.



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3 responses to “TRSD Election Results

  1. Penny Williams

    Thank you for sending me this !!

    • It is outrageous that you are blacklisted by our SAU, Penny. All members of the press should be treated equally. I will continue to send you all press releases and hope that the new board will exercise some direction in this area.

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