Where, Oh Where, are the Budcom Members?*

Where oh where could they be and WHY?

Timberlane’s eagerly awaited budget committee meeting tonight was cancelled after the fact due to a lack of quorum.  Superintendent Metzler was not there either.

It was the organizational meeting to select a chairman, among other things.  Kate Delfino just happened to be sitting in the chair’s seat.

This is the second district meeting this week to fail for lack or quorum.  The school board’s emergency meeting on Monday did not have a quorum.  Now the budget committee’s meeting did not have a quorum.

* It has been brought to my attention that some may infer from my reporting that Kate Delfino placed herself in the chairman’s seat.  I’ve been told the administration put out the name plates and budcom members simply placed themselves behind their names.[DG: Friday, April 14, 2017.]




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2 responses to “Where, Oh Where, are the Budcom Members?*

  1. Sarah Machemer

    It’s the start of Holy Week, leading up to Easter Sunday. Maundy Thursday is an important service at the start of a very important week in the Christian faith and is not something they are willing to miss.
    It’s unfortunate there wasn’t a quorum, but for many the next few days are very important and take priority over pretty much anything else.

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