On an Unsafe School Bus Stop

Submitted to the TriTown News on April 29, 2017
Dear Editor:

Thank you for reporting on the Lake View bus stop issue in Sandown, “Green and Gordon Discuss Sandown School Bus Issue.” As was reported, Sandown says the bus stop is a school district issue and the school district says the fundamental problem is a town issue.

Police Chief Gordon has noted numerous accidents at the intersection of Main St. and Lake View where the bus stop is located. There is no question legally ​(RSA 189:8) ​or otherwise that the safe​ location​ of bus stops is the responsibility of the school board.

I’d like the public to know that at the very ​moment​ I was pleading with my fellow school board members to put the Lake View bus stop on an upcoming board agenda, Selectman Jon Goldman texted Superintendent Metzler to say as paraphrased by Dr. Metzler, that “The bus stop is safe.  They have no issue with the bus stop.”   (https://vimeo.com/album/255898/video/212301077   at 3:46:00)​

So while the town says it is a school board issue, Jon Goldman is going out of his way to text the superintendent during a school board meeting to undercut my efforts to get the district to address this issue of serious importance to parents in the Lake View area. Mr. Goldman was not authorized to text on behalf of the Sandown Board of Selectman – nor was he authorized by his board to meet privately with Dr. Metzler to discuss the issue.​

Thanks go to Selectmen Tombarello, Treanor and Cleveland who issued a letter to the school district on April 17th asking to work together to find a safe solution. Mr. Goldman’s signature was absent from the letter.
​Five hours after this letter was emailed to the school district, Dr. Metzler ​sent​ me this email​:​
“Please be advised that the Sandown BOS Chair and I met last Friday. It was determined that the bus stop was safe and parents that want to drive have another alternative for parking. We consider this matter closed.”
The matter is far from closed for the parents whose children are still using the Lake View stop.  Yes, the stop has been there for many years but the traffic along Main St. has increased due to Sandown’s growth, which is why the temporary stop on Higgins requiring a left hand turn across traffic is not a permanent solution.
Donna Green
Sandown Representative to the Timberlane Regional School Board
If parents want action on this issue they must voice their concerns at school board meetings so the board understands the seriousness of the issue.


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5 responses to “On an Unsafe School Bus Stop

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  2. Jon Goldman

    Mr. Goldman’s signature was absent from the letter simply because it was either written when I was traveling, or I didn’t see the letter in the signature file. I’m the one who suggested we send the letter after consultation with our attorney.

    You are misinformed with your opinions, FirstStudent has said the bus stop is safe, this is what they do, they aren’ the bus safety experts, not you or I. You cannot stop/stand/park on the paved portion of the roadway. No one has taken a bus stop from anyone, those that want to sit with their kids in their car have been asked to move to Higgins Ave. which the Police Chief has offered as a safer alternative and a courtesy since technically the vehicles should not stop/stand/park there either.

    Any reasonable person can read RSA 189:8 and clearly see that this is a school district responsibility. The BOS has offered to work with the school district as best we can to rectify this, but it is our and our attorneys position this is clearly a district issue.

    Perhaps your “fellow school board members” should read RSA 189:8?

    Thank You

    • My fellow members might have put the issue on the agenda had you not completely torpedoed the discussion with your text that the bus stop was safe and there was no issue. If there was no issue then why send a letter to the school district?

  3. Jon Goldman

    Read 189:8 and tell me how any bus stop isn’t within the purview of the school district. I will no longer engage with you on this matter.

    • Of course you will no longer engage me in this matter. That’s a big part of the issue right there. Always best to meet privately with the superintendent and work things out between the two of you.

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