How SAU 55 Embarrasses Itself

At the first Timberlane Budget Committee meeting last night, Jennifer Caruso, new member from Danville, asked for department level expenditure reports for the year by August 1.  Our fiscal year ends on June 30.  You might think Mrs. Caruso was asking for a the administration to perform the world’s first successful head transplant.

If you believe what was said at this meeting, you could be forgiven for thinking our bookkeeping so uncertain that auditors must go over basic bookkeeping entries in order for SAU 55 to be confident that the department expenditures are ballpark accurate for the year  — months after fiscal year end. The budget committee ended up agreeing to receipt of this information in early September. By then the head would be defrosted.

Mrs. Caruso also wants to determine if departments actually spent the money on what they requested. She even went so far as to ask for justifications for expenditures. She made a motion that department budgets have justifications for how they arrived at their request.  Sandown’s Lee Dube amended the motion to require justifications for new expenditures and all expenditures in excess of $10,000. This motion passed.

It is good to see more of our elected officials beginning to appreciate that SAU 55 works for them and the taxpayers they represent.

Here is the LiveStream of tonight’s meeting:  TRSD Budget Committee Meeting May 8, 2017





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