Metzler Gets Max Bonus

At their May 17th meeting, SAU55’s board awarded Dr. Metzler a 3% raise and a 4% bonus effective July 1, 2017.  His total compensation increase is approximately $11,000.

Dr. Metzler’s contract limits his bonus to a maximum of 4% of his base salary.

Last year Dr. Metzler was awarded a 3.75% raise and a 4% bonus.

For the 16/17 year, the NH Department of Education lists Dr. Metzler as the second highest paid superintendent in the state, at $161,033.

I will post the minutes for this non-public session as soon as they are available so you can see how your representatives voted on this matter.

In the March election, a citizen petition asked Timberlane voters if they had confidence in Dr. Metzler.  Of 3,371 votes cast on this question, the affirmative won by 261 votes. Sandown was the only town of the district’s four to answer “No” to the question. Sandown has the second largest number of students in the Timberlane district.

The Hampstead and Timberlane School District board members comprise the board of SAU 55. Hampstead has 5 of the 14 votes on the SAU board and pays 23% of the SAU’s total costs.



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4 responses to “Metzler Gets Max Bonus

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  2. Stefanie Dube

    Regarding the results from Danville on the Citizens Petition for Confidence in the Superintendent, this passed by only 10 votes.

  3. Leon Artus

    School board should be deciding on a Metzler raise, not the SAU. Time to put the SAU budget back into the school budget. Time for another warrant article.

    • The SAU would just make sure they get a supporter to change it back the next year. It would bounce back and forth and never be settled and just make our ability to compare year to year impossible.

      This is why multi-district SAUs don’t work.

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