A Strategic Planning Survey for TRSD


Strategic Planning Community Survey

The Strategic Planning Committee of the Timberlane Regional School Board seeks to gain an understanding of the perceptions of stakeholders in our greater educational community. The committee developed a brief community survey that should take only 10 minutes of your time.

The survey can be accessed at


Survey results will be carefully considered, along with other data, and used to determine the direction and priorities of our school system for the next five years. Please take a few minutes to complete this important survey, and share your thoughts about the “how our schools are doing and where they should be headed.” Paper copies of the survey will be available on May 23rd in each district town’s public library and at the SAU 55 Office located at 30 Greenough Road in Plaistow.

The survey will be available until June 23, 2017. Spread the word about this important survey. Let your voice be heard! Looking Ahead: A community forum will be coming to your town in the Fall of 2017. Strategic Planning Committee Members: Brian Boyle, Dr. Kim Farah, Dr. Roxanne Wilson, Debra Armfield, Ken Henderson, and Christi Michaud.


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2 responses to “A Strategic Planning Survey for TRSD

  1. Mark Richards

    The “District” can barely handle public concerns about a bus stop, and spend thousands of dollars erecting barriers to accountability and harassing those who simply want to apply a defibrillator before the Rigor Mortis becomes irreversible.

    Now they want to enter into a conversation about strategic planning? They phrase it in the usual, repulsive governmental bullshit language: “…seeks an understanding of the perceptions of stakeholders in our greater educational community”

    Should they truly desire an understanding of our perceptions, simply ready this blog. Take note of the oft-repeated perceptions, such as “unaccountable”, “clueless”, “corrupt”, “undemocratic”, and my favourite, “indictable”.

    Here’s some understanding: you’re all nuts!

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