Timberlane Predicts $550k Surplus Shortfall

Before any budget is approved, prudence and common sense require an examination of projected revenues. Unfortunately Timberlane’s budget committee never looks at revenue before they give their stamp of approval.

Why does this matter?  Shaky revenues mean a risk of even higher taxes.  A large source of revenue in our budget is the surplus from the previous budget year. Every dollar that doesn’t come through in projected surplus is another dollar that must be raised from taxpayers.

On June 1, 2017 your SAU gave the school board an estimate of a projected surplus $550,000 LESS than budgeted.  If this turns out to be correct, then taxpayers in the district are going to have to cough up more than half a million dollars in additional tax dollars for the district to meet its operational budget.

Sandown, you were already looking at a double digit school tax increase come November. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

You can see how our surplus slipped away in this handout given to the school board.  It is not published on any website, public or private.  Funny how that is.

2017 surplus projection06242017


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