Separating the Good Guys from the Bad: Proposed Right to Know Policy

There is a time in the life of every elected official when their vote says it all. I plan to introduce this policy about Right to Know requests to Timberlane’s Policy Committee and the Timberlane Regional School Board.  It is a policy written to provide maximal transparency with minimal inconvenience to the public.

Will it be approved?

Draft Policy EH rev July 10 2017 (2)




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4 responses to “Separating the Good Guys from the Bad: Proposed Right to Know Policy

  1. Mark R Acciard

    We live in the first Nation in history to be founded upon the precept of “individual sovereignty”. In other words, the people reign supreme. NOT the people we elect, or appoint to represent us in deliberative bodies, nor the people we hire to perform the daily functions of governmental entities. To put it even more plainly, people like Earl Metzler, Rob Collins, Cathy Beecher, work for the people, the people do not exist to pay them.

    This means that, as employers we should exercise certain oversight, administration over them, and have certain expectations of their conduct.

    Just as in the private sector, you can not refuse to provide your employer with work related info., so, too, these employees should not be able to do this. And when they do(which is constantly) they should be punished, up to and including termination. It is high time to remind these self imagined keepers of the faith, that they are merely employees, nothing more.

    Imagine this; You walk into work tomorrow, your boss asks for last months P&L, and you say no. Further you sue him for having the temerity to ask. What do you think would be the companies response? What do you think would be the appropriate response? I know, for myself, I would not wait to be fired, I would simply go clean out my desk. However, we the people, turn a blind eye to Metzler’s very same conduct. Why do we allow this? Why do we allow the legal budget to grow exponentially, when it is primarily used by Metzler as a tool of harassment, rather than a defense of the people’s interests?

    It is time for We, the People to wake up, and reclaim our authority. We have been complacent for far too long. We have allow the inmates to run the asylum for far too long. It is time to DEMAND that our elected representatives on the School Board, and Budget Committee to DO THEIR JOBS!!! No more 6 figure expenditures on an unproven whim, simply because it is your wifes company. No more unnecessary educational consultants at hundreds of dollars per day. No more embracing every new educational fad to come down the pike, while a true(in the classical sense of the term) Liberal Arts education is sacrificed upon the altar of political correctness.

    It is time for We, the people, to perform our civic duties, and supervise, and administer the employees we hire, and demand they do their jobs superlatively, or find somewhere else to languish.

    • Just to clarify the record, I sued TRSD and SAU 55 twice. Once to get an electronic file of the budget (successful at the Supreme Court), and once to obtain a line item default budget (unsuccessful at the Superior Court). TRSD and SAU 55 did not initiate action against me for asking for these things.

      Your point about elected officials needing to do their jobs and not allow administrators to dictate the terms of public information disclosure is a good one.

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