Sandown Tax Rate: $30.78

I don’t know about you, but for me $30 per thousand is a psychological breaking point. Sandown’s property tax rate this year is $30.78.  We’ve outstripped even the notorious town of Danville which has a comparably attractive $28.25 per thousand this year.

Tax rates have to be understood in the context of property values, and though Sandown’s tax bills will not be going out until November 27th, I can be absolutely certain my property taxes will be going up at least $700 this year, and probably more.

Our school board representatives, our school budget committee representatives, our selectmen and our town budget committee all need to get a whiff of reality.  These punitive tax rates depress property values, force the elderly from their homes, and create an economic downward spiral.

The school district budget for next year is being drafted now and as usual the administration does not want to reveal their bottom line until the very last moment.  Your elected representatives let them get away with this strategic ploy every single year. The less time there is to react, the harder it is to marshal arguments and data against increases.

You are currently paying $20,000 per student for every grade level.  (The budget divided by the number of students = approx. $20,000 per student.)

If you think this is good value and you are happy with 9% tax increases year after year, then I wish you the warmest of holiday cheer when you write your check to the Town of Sandown on Dec. 27th.  The rest of us will be wondering where it will end.

Tonight SAU 55 is holding a “public hearing” on their budget which becomes part of Timberlane’s budget.  It includes a new full-time staff position.  Why not?  You can’t do a darn thing about it.

It’s all one big, wet raspberry to the public.




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8 responses to “Sandown Tax Rate: $30.78

  1. chris true

    I keep thinking ‘this is the last straw and the voters will come out to the District deliberative.’ The TRSD keeps thinking ‘ the voters will tolerate 9-10% increases each year rather than come out to the Deliberative session. and demand tax reduction.’.

    Low taxes are the result of low spending..

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  3. Matt B.

    I realize this wont actually change the astronomical amount we pay, but what do you think about a revaluation of our homes? If they re value them and the value goes up, the rate will come down. This wont save us money, but at least make us look more appealing if we want to sell. that 30.78 looks awful to prospective buyers, but if my home value goes up 100,000 and drops the rate down 2 or 3 dollars, at least we look a little more average with our neighbors. I am curious as to what you and your followers think of that.

    • Revaluations are done on a schedule by the town and it is quite costly. One also has to hope our properties in general have appreciated significantly enough to make a revaluation worthwhile given the expense. You could call town hall to find out when the next one is due. My memory could be faulty but I think they are on a five year cycle.

  4. Matt B.

    It just seems to me our houses are worth nothing with a tax rate as high as it is. The reality is, no matter what we do, the budget is going to be hi, our taxes wont change and things will just get worse and worse. Almost worth the cost revaluation just to make that number look smaller. Then we can all bail on this little town!

    Also, I just read that Windham Taxes have gone down 7%. What are your thoughts on the reason behind this?

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