Timberlane Budcom Wants $69.6 million Draft II

In an astonishing turn of events, the Timberlane Budget Committee voted tonight to instruct Dr. Metzler to cut $5.5 million from the next budget draft.  The superintendent has been instructed to return with a $69.6 million draft II budget.  First draft was $75.1 million, a 4.7% increase over this year’s budget.

During public comment, School Board Chairman Brian Boyle addressed the budget committee asking them to bring about a 18/19 proposed budget that would be 3% less than the current budget (17/18).

Danville representative, Shawn O’Neil, motioned to have draft II come in at 3% less than the 17/18 budget.

Dr. Metzler said this would mean cutting 100 staff. He sank his own boat when he noted that [under his administration] fixed costs go up $2 million every year.  At this the Representative from Sandown, Allan David, said the taxpayers of his town cannot support this. Others agreed.

The Timberlane Budget Committee voted 6-4-0 to have the draft budget returned to them at about $69.6 million.  The administration made the usual and now exceedingly tiresome moans about how they can’t possibly have the second draft by the next scheduled meeting on Nov. 30, so the chairman said they would review draft II on December 14th.

Mr. O’Neil said to Dr. Metzler that given that the school board had floated this number 6 weeks ago, “shame on you” for not being prepared for it.

If this is a dream, may I not wake up.  Finally a budget committee worth having.



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3 responses to “Timberlane Budcom Wants $69.6 million Draft II

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  2. Jim Buckley

    This is the best news I have heard out of TRSD since Metzler has been here. The people have been speaking for a long time but the administration has not been listening. Many thanks to those members of the Budget Committee and School Board that are willing to fight for the taxpayers. We need to continue to vote out the puppets.

  3. Mark Acciard

    History repeats itself. Approximately 6 years ago I attended the TRSD Deliberative session. I did so for two reasons; 1.) I had watched the BudCom public hearing on the budget, attended by only 3 members, and watched them vote to pass the budget onto deliberative session. 3 members is not a quorum, therefore they had no legal meeting and no authority to approve the budget. However the budget itself was bloated. I obtained from the SAU, that morning the budget, and from the NHDoEd. the enrollment figures. Despite losing more than 300 students in recent years Mr. LaSalle, had written a budget of $62.5M, almost a $3M increase from the previous year. A year in which they had spent only $54M to accomplish everything the district does in a year. I had come to propose a $5M cut to LaSalles proposed wish list.

    What followed was a performance of outright lying to rival Congress. Someone had tipped Mr. LaSalle off to my intentions. He was prepared rattling of a list of 39 items totaling $9.4M that he would have to cut from the budget to meet my proposed cut of only $5M, which STILL left them $2.5M MORE than they had spent the previous year. As he spun his lies, I circled each item on his own budget list, and totaled them up for him. I then asked him the following questions;

    1.) Did the District do everything he listed the previous year? He answered “Yes”.
    2.) If you did all of that while spending only $54M why do you need $62.5M to complete the same tasks this year? He had no answer.
    3.) My proposal reduces your projected increase by only $5M, why do you need to cut $9.4M to meet it? He had no answer.

    People, the Superintendents, numbers change, but the lies remain the same.

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