What Can Be Learned from SAT Scores at Timberlane?

At last night’s school board meeting, Mrs. Collins, the head of the Timberlane Music Association, shared with the board some very interesting SAT results from our Timberlane students.  Mrs. Collins said that Timberlane students who participated in music and athletics had higher test scores than the general student population.

I found this information very interesting but it had never been shared with the board; furthermore, I had understood that SAT results are reported to school districts without personal identifiers.

I asked Mrs. Collins the source of her information.  She replied that Plaistow representative, Peter Bealo, gave her this information.  Mr. Bealo then volunteered that he was able to determine this from data presented at a Curriculum and Assessment Committee meeting.  Like many things, this data was not passed on to the general board.

Given how highly significant the information,  I intend to obtain the same information apparently available to Mr. Bealo so I can understand why I was so mistaken about the nature of the SAT reporting.

Thanks to Arthur Green for another useful Right to Know request, which also includes a request for extremely necessary financial information; namely, the budget for the salaries in the 18/19 draft 2 budget. It does get tiresome that we have to inconvenience ourselves and pay for information that should be of keen interest to all district elected officials and freely available to the public.


Arthur Green

7:37 AM (1 minute ago)

to EarlBrianmeKIMBERLY
 Dr. Metzler,
I’d like to formally request the following items under RSA 91A:
  1. The detailed staff/salary budget corresponding to Draft 2 of the 2018/19 budget proposal
  2. The fall 2017 NESDEC 10-year enrollment forecast
  3. The SAT results data set referenced by Mr. Bealo at the SB meeting on Dec. 7, providing disaggregated results relating SAT scores to other elements of the test-takers’ course of study and extracurricular participation.  It was not clear which year Mr. Bealo was referencing, but I would like to have the equivalent data sets for 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  4. If there are similar data sets covering AP results, I would like to have those also for the same 3 years.
I will drop off a thumb drive at the SAU office for electronic delivery of these documents.
Thanks for your help with this.


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2 responses to “What Can Be Learned from SAT Scores at Timberlane?

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  2. Mark Acciard

    The Cost of Education in Southern NH.
    Submitted by Mark Acciard

    I am writing this to cut through the opaqueness of Mr. Metzler’s rhetoric, and the convolutions and other distractions of Mr. Collins, Mr. Bealo, and the rest of the Educrats.

    From the taxpayer perspective, the ONLY cost per pupil(CPP) that matters is the calculation arrived at by dividing the operating budget by the total number of students enrolled. Yes I am aware, and have long watched the tortious writhings of the Educrats, who attempt to justify the rising budgets during times of declining enrollment by attributing the increase to special ed. or to mandated costs, insurance, retirement, etc. But notice the one course of action never seriously considered by these mavens of educational orthodoxy is to cut spending. I have also repeatedly heard the assurances from Mr. Collins, Mr. Metzler, et.al. that TRSD’s CPP falls right in line with the rest of the state. Well lets see if they are accurate.

    The following CPP numbers were calculated by dividing the operating budget by the total enrollment.

    TRSD CPP $20,260
    Manchester SD CPP $11,340
    Nashua Sd CPP $8,881
    Derry SD CPP $16,311

    Derry has 5246 students, the following districts have comparable enrollments to Timberlane, Bedford at 4,400, Rochester at 4,200, Londonderry at 4,300, Merrimack at 3,900

    Bedford SD CPP $15,264
    Rochester SD CPP $15,323
    Londonderry SD CPP $16,935
    Merrimack SD CPP $18,076

    Well, it appears they are NOT accurate. Nowhere near. Timberlane is 24% higher than Derry. 23% higher than Londonderry. And a WHOPPING 128% higher than Nashua.

    Falling enrollment, higher costs, and obfuscation, dissembling, and outright lying from the administration, forcing citizens, and even board members to file Right to Know requests to obtain information THEY ARE ENTITLED TO BY LAW!!! A little sunshine would go a long way towards forcing honesty and transparency among the powers that be.

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