Green Prevails at State Board of Education

Today the New Hampshire State Board of Education took jurisdiction over the matter of my complaint concerning SAU 55.  Further, they ordered SAU 55’s board to hold a “fact-finding” public hearing.  The vote was 3-1-1.  SBOE member, Bill Duncan was not present.

When I returned home from other meetings in Concord, I received this email from SAU 55’s lawyer:

Hi Donna: 

I wanted to let you know as a courtesy that I have been directed to pursue an appeal of the State Board’s decision and will be filling a motion for reconsideration upon receipt of the State Board’s written decision. 

Jim O’Shaughnessy

This decision to appeal did not go to any board for authorization.  When is Superintendent Metzler going to stop wasting your money in legal fees?
When are YOU going to insist he does?
Tonight is a public hearing on the Timberlane budget.  A motion to strip money out of the legal line would be exceedingly appropriate, but is there anyone to do it?



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