Recording of NH Board of Ed. Green v. SAU 55

On Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018, the New Hampshire Board of Education heard arguments to dismiss or not dismiss my complaint to them about salary setting practices at SAU 55.

James O’Shaughnessy represented SAU 55.  He spoke first for 23 minutes, arguing that the board did not have jurisdiction over the matter.  He dared not argue the merits of my complaint because he knew that would be a clear cut loss.

I spoke next.

After the two parties presented, the board voted to go into non-public for deliberations though there was great confusion about what legal reference gave them the authority to enter non-public in this matter, an issue still not resolved.

You can hear the proceedings here.  If I do say so, I delivered a stem winder of a speech.  Welcome to my world

The board spent a sizable time in non-public deliberations.  The audio editing doesn’t indicate this time gap, but I’m grateful it captures the 3-1-1 vote in my favor once the board resumed open session. To my happy surprise, and contrary to their own Hearing Officer’s recommendation, the board of education ruled they did indeed have jurisdiction over the subject matter of my complaint.  That may appear a trivial and technical matter but SAU 55 has been spending oodles of money over a number of months trying to convince everyone that there is no higher authority in the state than a superintendent and an SAU board.  The NH Board of Education ordered SAU 55’s board to hold a public fact-finding hearing on my compliant.  So, against the determined wishes of SAU 55’s board, (your elected officials, by the way) they are finally going to have to confront the substance of my allegations.

Later that day, Mr. O’Shaughnessy informed me by email that he was instructed to pursue a request for reconsideration.  This instruction came without any consultation by the superintendent with the SAU 55 board.

It’s your tax dollars in legal fees being burned for no reason whatsoever.  I haven’t engaged a lawyer over this and there is no reason the SAU needed to do so. Deal with my complaint via a public hearing, as is required by Administrative Rules from the Department of Education, and be done with it!  Is that such a frightening prospect?

Thanks to Peter Martin of Exquisite Productions for the audio recording and the convenient editing.  The full video of the meeting will be available Sunday night at



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