Superintendents should not be permitted to consult.

The Baltimore Sun today has a well researched article about a former Baltimore County superintendent earning undisclosed income from a shady now-defunct educational consulting organization.  It highlights the pernicious conflicts of interest that can arise when superintendents receive income from consulting.  It is a highly instructive walk down public corruption in the educational system.

“What is SUPES Academy? Dallas Dance indictment involves company that trains school administrators.”  By Liz Bowen, reporter, Baltimore Sun

SUPES Academy is a now defunct Illinois-based company that trained school administrators around the country.

At the request of Baltimore County’s then-new school Superintendent Dallas Dance, SUPES in December 2012 got an $875,000 no-bid contract with the school system to train principals in the district.

According to an indictment of Dance issued Tuesday, the company paid him $90,000 from November 2012 to November 2013, and Dance failed to report the payments on required financial disclosure forms.

SUPES Academy came to the attention of federal investigators in Chicago several years ago. In 2015, a co-owner of SUPES and the former Chicago school superintendent, Barbara Byrd-Bennett, were indicted on corruption charges.

Read more:  What is SUPES Academy?


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