Feb. 2 Deadline for Sandown School Board Candidates

Sandown needs a school board candidate.  I will not be standing for re-election.  So far, no Sandown resident has signed up to be on the ballot.

A Call of Duty

This coming Friday at 4 pm is the deadline to sign up to run for school board and budget committee for the Timberlane School District.  There are times in our busy lives when we have to put the interests of community above our own, and school board service to protect the interests of Sandown is truly a call of duty.

Yes, it is a lot of work.  Many meetings.  Much reading.  Yes, it is unpleasant continually trying to assert the authority of the school board when members are not jealous of their own authority and responsibility.  Yes, it is contentious and frustrating, but more people need to do it as a civic duty, as a service to our wonderful town, and as a personal education.  Anyone who is on the school board really trying to do the work, and without a personal conflict of interest, will become convinced of the need for Sandown to be its own school district. The more people who come to this conclusion, the better for Sandown students and our town.

Not every sacrifice is a good one though. Please don’t elect someone who has a spouse or relative working in the district. Even a parent with a child in the district will not be free from worry should a vote or position be one that exhibits, shall we say, independent thought.  Sandown’s representative needs to be an independent voice and mind.

“Do it for the kids!”

My education on the school board has taught me that the ed biz is very much an adult one with the interests of adults ruthlessly defended behind the sweet, kind cloak of children’s benefit. Whenever you hear, “Do it for the kids!” you know that a great many  adults are going to benefit. The taxpayers, and often the parents, are seldom represented.

Sign up is at the SAU 55 office:

30 Greenough Road, Plaistow, NH 03865 – Phone: 603-382-6119

It’s been an honor to serve Sandown, a home I love.  My service has been controversial, but it has always been driven by a conviction that government should be open, and that parents and taxpayers should control the educational destiny of their children through a school board and administration accountable to them.


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