Video of 2/8 TRSB Meeting

Funny how a short meeting can do irreparable harm. Watch your gutless elected representatives in action last night in this 24 minute recording

Of particular interest are Jason Grosky’s comments on Mr. Boyle’s desire to hide behind non-public discussion.  A non-public session would have benefited only Dr. Metzler whose actions and reactions would have been subject to my intense criticism.

Thank you to Stefanie Dube for being the only other vote on the board to do the right thing; namely, instruct the superintendent to rescind the no trespass order and stop the “investigation”  concerning Mrs. Dobson.

Thank you, too, to Arthur Green for recording this highly revealing meeting on his cellphone.

The vote to go into non-public failed so the board, true to its cowardly nature, declined to discuss further Mrs. Dobson’s no trespass or take any action on it whatsoever.  When you fail to stand up to a bully you grow to fear a dictator, and that is the situation with the Timberlane school board.


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