My Certified Letter to TRSD Auditor

During tonight’s school board meeting, Chairman Boyle pretended he knew nothing of my complaint to the Timberlane auditors. In fact, every board member knew of my letter to the auditor.  They just chose to do nothing about it and shame on them.

Instead of accepting responsibility to look into the issues I question, Mr. Boyle goes on and on about how a single school board member is not authorized to direct an auditor.  Well, guess what?  I’m not directing an auditor.  I’m pointing out issues of interest that a prudent auditor would examine.  Mr. Boyle, as a former auditor himself, would know this very well.  Instead, he chose to throw me under the bus and most disingenuously.

My questions are simple.  Were these overexpenditures approved or weren’t they?  Surely Mr. Dowd has a quick answer to that, so there is no reason at all for the auditing fees to be increased because of my letter.

My letter was sent via email to the entire school board, Timberlane’s auditors, as well as the Commissioner of Education on Jan. 2.  I recently sent it again to the auditor via certified mail since I had not received any acknowledgement of my email.

Donna Green <>
Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 1:48 PM
To:, “Edelblut, Louis (Frank)” <>, brian boyle <>, TRSD School Board <>, TRSD Budget Committee <>, “Metzler, Earl” <>

Dear Auditor:

By RSA 32:10, expenditures which exceed the line item appropriations in the voted
budget must be authorized by the governing body. By Timberlane policy DJB, our
superintendent has discretion on overexpenditures until a line is in excess of $25,000. Prior board approval must be obtained when a line is overexpended beyond $25,000.

In the school year 2016/17 which your firm is currently auditing, there were $710,000 of expenditures in excess of $25,000 over and above the voted budget line item
appropriations. A chart is attached for your reference.

The school board approved a $167,000 unbudgeted expenditure for online reading
program, Achieve 3000. The board voted to purchase this program without knowing
that our superintendent’s wife was associated with Achieve 3000 as a consultant. A
further approximately $30,000 was voted for a contract to construct batting cages which was awarded to a school board member on a no-bid basis. (See RSA 95:1) Other than these, I do not recall the school board authorizing expenditures that would require transfers of appropriations in excess of $25,000.

Were all these $710,000 in expenditures above the policy threshold amount properly

Furthermore, six of the overexpended lines have material discrepancies between the
voted budget and budgets reported to elected bodies. There are 60 budget lines in total that show discrepancies. A spreadsheet is attached for your reference. The amounts reported by TRSD as the 2017 budget line amounts (as it appears on monthly financial reports and the Timberlane Budget Committee preparation documents) differ from the final voted budget. If these discrepancies were encumbrances, one would not expect to see so many of these discrepancies nor would one expect to see negative differences from the voted budget.

For your convenience, monthly reports, budgets, and charts are available at:

I am bringing your attention to basic financial control issues which the administration has declined to explain.

Also please be aware that the procedure of your firm has been to deliver Timberlane’s school district audit to SAU 55 when it should be given directly to the school board via its chairman without delay or intermediary.

Please feel free to call me for further clarification or reference information.


Donna Green
Sandown representative on the Timberlane Regional School Board


cc: Frank Edelblut, NH Commissioner of Education
cc: Brian Boyle, Chairman Timberlane Regional School Board
cc: Earl Metzler, Superintendent, SAU 55
cc: Timberlane Regional School Board
cc: Timberlane Regional Budget Committee
2 attachments
Budget reporting deviations (3).xls 54K

Transfer of appropriations 2017 (1).pdf 54K



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