Metzler is Subject to the Will of the Timberlane Board, but Neither He nor the Board Knows It.

Recently I was perusing the Education Administrative Rules and discovered a gem. Contrary to Superintendent Metzler’s many declarations to the contrary, he is indeed subject to the will of the Timberlane school board. Education Administrative Rule 302.01 says this:

 (g)  The superintendent shall be directly responsible to the local school district or districts within the school administrative unit board.

Administrative Rules have the force of law. This means that if the Timberlane board should suddenly find its mind and votes to direct Metzler to do something, like, oh,  rescind the letter to school board candidate Maxann Dobson restricting her access to Timberlane schools, then he would have to comply.

Do you hear that Timberlane School Board members?

He would have to comply or be be subject to dismissal for insubordination.  “Insubordination” is a grounds for dismissal in Superintendent Metzler’s contract.  Here are the other grounds:

Termination for Cause. This agreement may be terminated by the SAU at any time for immorality, incompetence, insubordination, failure to follow SAU and/or School District policies or failure on the part of the Superintendent to conform to the laws of the State of New Hampshire, the rules and regulations of the State Board of Education, of the School Administrative Unit and of the local school boards within the School Administrative Unit. If a conflict arises, the rules and regulations established by the SAU Board will prevail.

Now the trick to all this is that the SAU board as a whole will never take any action against the superintendent other than throw money at him.  The Hampstead portion of the SAU board will give Superintendent Metzler anything he wants so they can enjoy the services of the Assistant Superintendent. And as loyal readers of this blog well know, the Timberlane board is split along very stark lines– those who wish to delegate all their authority to the superintendent and those who wish to retain a modicum of responsibility.





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3 responses to “Metzler is Subject to the Will of the Timberlane Board, but Neither He nor the Board Knows It.

  1. Mark Richards

    The way this reads, suggests that the voters have the last word.

    It could have said “directly responsible to the SAU board”. Instead it makes reference to the “local school district or districts within the SAU”.

    Is the board considered the “district or districts” here?

    If the voters, this opens up a whole new ball game.

    • The board is what is meant by districts as the board is the legal agent of the district. Interesting interpretation though. Most importantly though, it is the board of the individual districts – not the SAU board – that is referenced in this admin rule.

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